Feeling overwhelmed and tired from just living your life?


Feel like you've hit the right achievements but still don't feel good? You are not alone! I am passionate about helping folks who feel like their career and calling are draining their joy. Helping you deal with the pressures of work and life, change your habits and like you understand and are in control of your emotions. 

Both our conscious mind and our unconscious mind are steering our lives, coaching can help you take the wheel. Leave those other two in the passenger seat and you can ignore their directions if you want.


Customized Support

I provide regular coaching calls over Zoom, support in between calls with voice messages in Voxer, and customized work sheets, journal prompts, audios or cheat sheets to help you along the way.

Coaching Calls

Regular calls will allow us to explore your thoughts and emotions so you can understand your brain and feel in control of your life now or the path you're on to the life you want.

Voice Messaging

In between calls we'll connect so that I can help you if you get off track, celebrate your wins or to help hold the belief if you are in doubt of the amazing things you are capable of!

Custom Resources

Based on your own specific needs, I'll provide you with the resources to keep working on things on your own time, and develop a self reflection practice for your learning style.

Coaching for today's world

If you are a professional, especially in those jobs helping other people, and you are feeling worn out, you already know that something needs to change to keep going in this field you are passionate about. 

Unfortunately, you might often get stuck stressing about the state of the system, and all the outside pressures. Instead consider focusing on  changing your own brain and  learning how changing your thoughts and feelings can change the whole experience of your life.


Without the skills to manage our minds, the stresses and anxieties just keep building up and no amount of bubble baths of vacations can fix it. The burnout is real, and there is no magic pill.

Book a free discovery call with me where I can walk you through how one-on-one coaching can work for you. Coaching packages start at $249/month depending on the level of support you are looking for. Let's chat so I can answer any questions and see if we would be a good match for this journey together.



  • Weekly hour long calls
  • Helping you each step of the way
  • Explore your brain together on our calls
  • More direct support and working together
  • Intensive, faster change
  • Bi-weekly hour long calls
  • Learning self coaching with lots of support and accountability
  • Exploring your brain to provide guidance to work between sessions
  • Once a month hour long calls
  • Learning and check in on your self coaching
  • Exploring your brain on your own time with my support and guidance
  • Self-paced, your speed

Click here to book a free Discovery Call. No obligation, just a chance to explore how I can help you and make sure we are a good fit. If you've ever thought of 1:1 coaching, take an hour to see what it would look like for you. What could it mean if you start something new today?